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Prevent Distracted Driving • Peace of Mind.


When they are behind the wheel, Cellcontrol ensures your teen stays focused on driving – not on their phone. Driving distracted, while using a mobile devices is reaching epidemic proportions. 



"Cell phones are one of the most common

distractions for drivers. Drivers engaged in

text messaging on a cellular phone are 23

times more likely to be involved in a crash

or near crash event compared with non-distracted


(Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 2010)


"Distracted drivers are 3 times more likely to be in a crash than attentive drivers"

(Alberta Transportation, 2011)


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Fleet Management - CellControl was created for businesses of all sizes. See how your team can benefit

Cell Control - Disable texting, calling and other mobile device functions while driving.

CloudLocate.me - Track the driver's every move with GPS.

DriveID - Detect who sits in the driver’s seat, enabling passengers to use their mobile devices freely.


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Outside the Box Thinking

for your Business

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