Outside the Box Thinking for your Business

 2016 Northern Ontario Business Entrepreneur of the Year

  1.   Market segmentation, penetration and development
  1. Strategic planning and priority setting

  2.  Business development & networking

  3. Marketing and public relations

  4. Issues Management / Investor Relations

  5. Event planning and management

  6. Stakeholder mobilization

  7.  Pulbic Funding and Private Capital access

  8. High Payoff activity training and systems

  9. Business diversification and growth development

  10. Idea generation and ‘Outside the box’ thinking

  11. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development and measurement tools

Experienced Advisor :  International / National & Regional Business Development & Marketing.

The Let’s Roll ‘Ideation’ Consulting team draws upon the combined skills of its principal, Pat Dubreuil MBA, and associate consultants recognized as experts:

The LRIC consulting team will assists businesses expand or maintain their current market share.  The team will facilitate market segment changes and crossovers into new market verticals and segments enabling growth through regional, national or international markets  based on the maturity of the products and services.  The Let’s Roll ‘Ideation’ team is able to support and generate growth and expansion through brand building and recognition, strategic marketing campaigns, press releases and well executed public relations strategies.  Helping owners with their current operations or planning their exit strategies are what the team does best.  Daily, weekly or monthly integrations into the businesses operational teams are common practice and deliver the best results. Becoming a contributing member of your team by providing and coordinating high pay off activities is at the core of the Let’s Roll ‘Ideation’ Consulting ‘savoir faire’.

Corporate Profile

Our Mission

Outside the Box Thinking for your Business

Our Vision

To assist and facilitate organisational step change through diversification, expansion or segmentation of markets by streamlining operations and leaning out processes which provide wealth and continuity, for owners, employees and stakeholders.

To provide value for our customers, employees and stakeholders through the delivery of ethical, respectful and honest high payoff activities as we strive to provide our customers with the greatest value proposition, the most innovative and outside the box thinking possible, in order to exceed their expectations.

Let’s Roll

Pat Dubreuil, MBA

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